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Billions Season 6 Dvd


Season 6 Dvd



Chuck to get some clarity, recharge himself, and figure out what matters for him, bought a farm and lives there, while Kate handles the AG job for him. Unfortunately, his neighbor, the billionaire Melville Revere, disturbs him daily by firing his cannons twice, with an ATF waiver and state firearms license. Chuck tries to speak to him but he refuses to listen. Meanwhile, Mike Prince is trying to show to his employees that he is a different boss than Axel, that he wants to do things by the book, and that he is approachable to everyone. Everyone is reluctant to believe or follow him, even though they want to keep working for his Michael Prince Capital. Mike and Roger are trying to find what they must do about Axel’s old red-flagged deals and his investors. With the help of Wendy’s thinking, Mike understands what he must do, something which proves that his intentions are real, as his words, and in order to start a clean MPC fires his investors. Chuck takes a stand against Melville, which makes him feel purposed again.