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Big Sky Season 2 Dvd

Big Sky
Big Sky

Season 2 Dvd



Six weeks after Jenny was shot, she visits Sheriff Walter Tubb and tells him that she wants to return to law enforcement, which he does. Cassie keeps searching for Ronald, with no new clues, and avoiding new clients. Mark arrives with a video that shows State Trooper Cormac Dewey taking Scarlett from her house the same day Ronald escaped. They go to talk to him, but he doesn’t give any answers to them. The next day he will be found dead. Few kids become witnesses of a car accident where the driver later tells them to take the bags and leave because someone is coming. The driver is about to die, but a man arrives there and kills him anyway. The kids saw it, but decide not to call the police but hide the bags. One of them, Max opens them and finds out that one is full of the drug, and the other has $500,000. Jenny sees an old co-worker of hers at a bar, Travis, who works undercover for a drug ring. Jenny informs Cassie about returning to the Force but reassures her that she will remain her partner. Meanwhile, Legarski's twin brother keeps Ronald prisoner.