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Anatomy Of A Scandal Season 1 Blu-ray (11mm)

Anatomy Of A Scandal
Anatomy Of A Scandal

Season 1 Blu-ray (11mm)



Sophie Whitehouse, the wife of James Whitehouse, a Tory MP and close friend of Prime Minister Tom Southern, learns from James about his affair with Olivia Lytton, a 28-year-old parliamentary researcher on James's staff, hours before it will be revealed in an article. James reveals to her that the affair lasted for 5 months, and it was only about sex, and he broke it off 2 weeks ago. Even though she is hurt, she decides to stay with him and work on their marriage. The next morning, James admits the affair to the media, and he tells he is sorry for his family and his constituents, while he will try to earn their forgiveness. Meanwhile, Kate Woodcroft, a very successful prosecution counselor is reading the case of The Queen vs James Whitehouse, in order to decide if she will accept it. James finds out from two police officers that there is an allegation from Olivia of rape.