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All American Homecoming Season 1 Blu-ray (14mm)

All American Homecoming
All American Homecoming

Season 1 Blu-ray (14mm)



It’s the first day for Simone at Bringston, and her friends Keisha and Nathaniel are helping her move to her dorm room. Meanwhile, Damon Sims is eager to push his teammates at practice, something Coach Marcus is against which makes him benched for the rest of the practice. President Ezekiel Allen, informs Simone's aunt Amara that because of the scandal revelation many parents wanted her fired, but he managed to keep her by reducing her classes. Also, he informs Coach Marcus that he has only this semester to prove he has a good team, or this program will be cut. A bad choice of participating at a party will damage Simone’s hopes to be a part of the tennis team, but she tries to convince Thea and the coach to give her another chance. Also, her parents didn’t pay for her dorm, so Amara offers to live with her for now until a solution is found. Damon realizes his mistakes, and he is willing to help the coach and his team.