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A Discovery Of Witches Season 3 Dvd

A Discovery Of Witches
A Discovery Of Witches

Season 3 Dvd



Matthew and Diana learn about the death of Emily by Peter Knox, and everyone is devastated, but they leave this matter to Agatha who has called an emergency meeting of the Congregation, where it is decided that Knox has lost his position there, and he must leave forever. Unfortunately, Agatha knows that this is not the end of Knox, and warns Nathaniel to leave Sept-Tours and hide with his family until it ends. Matthew reveals to Diana that they are expecting twins, but Baldwin when he arrives there shows his feelings against Diana to everyone and asks Matthew to deal with the blood-rage vampire killer. Sarah gives Diana Emily’s page from the Book, and later along with Matthew, and Miriam, are going to London to a friend of hers who has a lab, Dr. Christopher Roberts. They reveal to him about the species and ask him to help with their research about the decline of their DNA. Also, Benjamin learns that Matthew and Diana have returned to the present, and Domenico informs Baldwin that the killer’s actions have something to do with Matthew and Diana.