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Covers of our own design, for TV Series and Movies, in three dimensions, Dvd, Blu-ray 11mm, and Blu-ray 14mm.

4400 Season 1 Blu-ray (11mm)


Season 1 Blu-ray (11mm)



Shanice is a lawyer who is ready to go back to work for the first time after she gave birth to her daughter Mariah. She says goodbye to her husband Logan, and while she is driving, a green light takes her and disappears. Then, she reappears in Belle Isle in 2021, 16 years later. At the same time, 4400 other people reappear from different time periods. The government puts them all at a hotel, where Keisha Taylor, parole officer, girlfriend of DHS’s Agent Tanner, and Jharrel social worker are trying to find answers of who they are, how they got here, and what they want. Soon, some of them realize they have different powers, and while some of them are trying to be cooperative, others are feeling threatened, and bothered by this containment. Shanice manages to leave the hotel, and find her family, which makes her believe that 16 years did pass, her daughter is older, and Logan lives with another woman, and he can’t believe Shanice didn’t abandon them then.